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We perform all key certifications including code testing, Blower Door Test, Duct Test, HERS, RESNET, ENERGY STAR, NGBS, Built Green servicing residential and multi-family builders in the Olympia Washington area.

Blower Door and Duct Testing in Olympia Washington

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Our Olympia Services Include:

  • Code Testing for Air Sealing by doing Blower Door and Duct Testing.
  • Above code testing for ENERGY STAR and RESNET HERS Certificates.
  • Energy Performance Score (EPS)
  • WA State Built Green (mid 2018)

Green Energy Solutions for Sustainable Homes

Builders, HVAC Contractors, Re-modelers, RE Pro’s

  • Code compliance – Duct & Blower door testing
  • Green building consultations and verification’s
  • Improving real estate traffic… get the house sold quicker
  • Appraisal assistance
  • Increased value & profits
  • Distinguish your company from the rest
  • Energy efficient mortgages
  • Multi-family Apartments, Condo’s, Townhouses

Real Estate Professionals

  • Improving real estate traffic… get the house sold quicker
  • Appraisal assistance
  • Increased value & profits
  • Energy efficient mortgages

Homeowners, Landlords, Multi-Family Complex Owners

  • Reducing utility costs– Keep more cash in your pockets
  • Home energy and other improvements
  • Healthier & more comfortable home
  • Energy Audits – 3 working days or less
  • Energy efficient mortgages
  • Cash Incentives & Tax credits – Cash back!

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Lower Your Energy Bills through NGBS and RESNET HERS Scores

Lower Your Energy Bills
  • Don’t waste money installing or repairing poorly performing and overpriced energy products.
  • Let us evaluate & test your dwelling and provide you with a prioritized report.
  • We inspect and evaluate the entire structure and its energy systems.
  • Our report will show which potential improvements will help you to maximize your energy savings.

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Certify Efficiency to National Standards

Increase the Value of Your Home
  • Documented Energy efficiency rating through NGBS and ENERGY STAR
  • Certified Green Verification for RESNET HERS and EPS
  • Testing and validation of Net Zero programs
  • Efficient windows, doors and skylights
  • High-efficiency climate systems
  • ENERGY STAR and HERS Whole House Testing

These are just a few ways home owners, builders, and contractors can increase value and equity. On all new construction, please work with us during the planning phase and we can show you how to achieve an excellent efficiency rating, at the lowest possible cost. Advanced Framing, proper air sealing, placing HVAC in the conditioned space, and other small tasks can take a code-built home to an home meeting advanced standards for less money than you would expect. A low HERS score is achievable.

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Protect The Environment

Protect the Environment

Your home or building can:

  • Be much more energy efficient
  • Protect the environment
  • Have improved indoor air quality
  • Create a smaller carbon footprint
  • Receive a Northwest ENERGY STAR rating

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