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Common Building Errors

In casual inspection of properties during construction, we’ve found several common errors that are worth reviewing.

When we come on-site to train your key project managers, these items would be reviewed and instructions provided for sub-contractors.

Poorly Sealed Seams with Mastic

It is easy to see gaps in the sealant. This will allow for air loss and infiltration. In many applications, it appears the norm to put on a small film of Mastic using an inexpensive brush.

All seams in flexible joints should be covered with Mastic to the proper depth. The manufacture seal does not prevent air from escaping or entering the system.

Compressed Insulation

Compressed insulation is also a common error that occurs. The insulation should fill the entire space between drywall and other surfaces. No gaps should exist.

Compressed Pipe Insulation

There will be zero protection of this water pipe from cold temps as the insulation has been compressed to a worthless level.


The area above this window was sheeted on both sides and gaps left in the blocking. However, this resulted in zero insulation being installed. This will be a very large and expensive area of energy loss for years to come for the home-owner.

This type of vent boot has been commonly used for years. However, it is easy to see where this type of boot fails. Air flow both ways in and out of the crawl space will result in energy loss and unfiltered air to enter the home. New boots exist to be used in both floor and ceiling applications that would solve this issue.

Improper workmanship on caulking is also a very common cause of energy loss.

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